Pregnancy brings a profound shift in a women’s mind, body and spiritual energy. Our pregnancy yoga sessions offer bespoke support during a unique and very personal life changing journey.

Practicing in a calming environment we focus on vital pre-natal body care, and incorporate safe and gentle yoga postures with nurturing touch; Flowing gentle asanas (yoga postures) that aim to stretch out and create more space in the body and encourage the pelvic floor muscles to be strong, supple and flexible for birthing. We work with gravity, sound vibration and breathing techniques to ease your body and your baby in to a lighter and less painful birth experience. We flow “practice contractions” that aim to guide and teach you how to use your body and mind effectively during labour contractions. You will learn optimal birthing positions, techniques and visualization skills that many women have reported have supported them through the hardest part of labour. Deep relaxation and visualization journey in savasana will fully relax the body and mind.

These techniques will support the mind and body through pregnancy, childbirth,and a healthy recovery after birthing. Fused with information on pregnancy and the growing baby in Utero, our yoga sessions provide many benefits: alleviate heartburn, tiredness and backache, boost circulation and help with fluid retention, aid restful sleep, strengthen your muscles and supple the hips and pelvis to support your growing baby.

By using these yoga techniques during labour it can help: reduce medical intervention, induce natural pain relieving hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins, naturally relieve the intensity of contractions and labour, adapt to various different positions when in labour, feel more in control and trust your body, listen to your instincts to know what to do.
Bearing another soul into this world is a deeply spiritual experience; Yoga helps you to connect with your own soul and to your unborn baby, developing their health and well-being from the very start of life.
N.B Practice may only commence after the first trimester of pregnancy (12 weeks).

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